Santa's Community Sleigh

Sponsored by the Community

Santa's Events 2016

Pemberton Christmas Switch On

Billinge Christmas Switch On

Orrell Christmas Switch On

Deanery High School Christmas Market

Sunday 18th December (Santa & Sleigh Street Tour): Highfield - Merton Road, Culcross Estate / Blundells Wood Estate (Foundry Lane) 

Wednesday 21st December (Santa & Sleigh Tour): Worsley Green/Meadowbrook/Redwood Estates

Sleigh Hire to Golden Mile Group

* 12th Dec - Worsley Hall (Static at Bramble House)

* 14th Dec - Marsh Green (Static at Primary School)

* 20th Dec - Norley Hall    (Static at Adventure Play Area)

Santa Only

St Johns, Pemberton  Christmas Market

Roby Mill Children's Nursery

Dementia Awareness Society at Pemberton Masonic Hall

Pemberton Community Association - Childrens Christmas Party