Wigan Santa's Community Sleigh

"Sponsored by the Community" ~ Established 2014

Wigan Santa's Community Sleigh
Owned & Operated by The Pemberton Community Association

Wigan Santa's Community Sleigh has been a part of fundraising at Christmas by the Pemberton Community Association for the past 4 years on our own Sleigh, although we have been bringing Santa on a sleigh for around 10 years. The Association has always provided their own funds for Christmas events through the kind and generous help of Wigan Rotary and Ashton with Haydock Rotary clubs who allowed us the use of their Sleighs. In turn the Association committee helped the relevant Rotary club to collect in their own areas over the Christmas period. All members of the Association team are volunteers and most have full time jobs, and other commitments. We always welcome more volunteers to help with Christmas events.

Now, if you are a Community group, Church group or Charity, you can use the Sleigh for your own fund raising events. Please contact us for more information.

Christmas Sleigh Tour Management Team
Dave & Helen Arrowsmith, Alison Glover, Vicky Coleman & Ray Brogan, 



Chapel Street


M: 07305 978989
M: 07305 978989


We are available 24 hours by email or text. During office hours we can be contacted by phone.